Hello world!

My name is Carol, but I answer to Mom, Nana, Sweetie, Honey and CJ!  I am a wife, mother, grandmother of almost 11, and even a great gramma to one adorable 4 year old little man.  I started sewing, knitting and crocheting at the age of 11 with my grandmother’s help.  Over the years crafting time was limited with raising a family, work, volunteer work and life in general.  12 years ago a wonderful woman by the name of Kathleen Landry in the town of Wells, British Columbia, taught me how to quilt by machine.  Over the next few years I attended several of her Quilt Retreats in the historic town of Barkerville.  It was amazing fun and ignited the creative urge and love of fondling fabric!  I was fortunate that several other of the fantastic women in Wells shared their knowledge of needlecraft with me and always had a bit of advice or suggestions when I was stumped or not too confident of color choices.  The first Barkerville Quilt Retreat I went to the quilt pattern was the Barkerville Spools; hundreds of those lovely 4 inch spools had me stumped for several years, but I am proud to say it is no longer in my UFO shelf!   My favorite one of Mrs. Landry’s designs was the Barkerville Chinese Lanterns.  I have been on the lookout for more oriental fabrics to redo this quilt, but let me tell you, they are scarce!


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