July OMG

In June I had a list that should have been doable. It went something like this:

1. Finish my Spring Into Summer quilt. Finished

2. Finish my project for the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop and write my post. Done!

3. Sew the two bean bag chairs that are cut out that my son asked me to make for his two daughters. 😉 Done.

Liner is inside the outside chair bag.

4. Start another quilt from the To Be Quilted pile. Finished!

5. Reorganize my sewing space to find room for my new Accuquilt dies. Done!

6. Keep working on my leader ender project Star Kissed Quilt Along by Wedding Dress BlueSome Progress!

7. More socks to be knit. Second pair is on the needles.  Some Progress!

8. Finish my rag rug. A few more rows done.

I did get sidetracked by some new projects but it was a good month of sewing fun. I have a couple of secret sewing projects for some upcoming blog hops so will see what I can share sneak peeks of. 😉

For July I have the following goals:

1. Finish my projects for the Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop which is being hosted by Carol from Just Let Me Quilt

Isn’t that red so cheerful?
Can you feel the Christmas spirit with these sweet fabrics?

2. Finish the border(s) for the Days Filled With Joy QAL.

3. Assemble the Star Kissed QAL by WeddingDress Blue.

4. Start planning the commission quilt if the tshirts ever arrive.

5. Take my machine in for repairs again.

6. Continue with the secret sewing projects.

7. Knitting and crochet as time allows

I think it’s a great stress free list for the month. I will be linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the July OMG list linkup. Have you popped in there to see all of the goals and eye candy that is shared? I always see something that has to be put on my Must Do List or even a DrEAMI project or two comes out of that internet surfing time. 😉

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. 😄 Carol

Linking with:

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Another DrEAMI Project

I saw a post on Desert Sky Quilting that had me intrigued with the thought of doing another fun scrappy project. You know what it’s like when the squirrels start doing their dance around you and won’t let up until you drop everything and make it? That’s what happened to me – the attack of the squirrels. 😉

I started with my scrap bin 2 1/2” squares and started chain sewing.

Scrappy fun

In just a few hours I had steps 1-6 done.

The next day Joy put out an email with the next step and this happened;

Another day and another step….

Now I’m waiting for border suggestions and just need to decide how big this one needs to be. Should I add another row or two? Is it telling me it needs to be queen size or even a king?

This has been a perfect project to help me stay calm with the crazy world we live in. As I sewed the bits together I was reminded of the many quilts these bits were left over from.

Happy memories soothe the soul and stop me from being concerned as I see the number of new Covid cases increasing in Mexico where my son and his family live, the numbers in America increasing so drastically in so many stars, more cases of police wrongdoing, more misinformation on the social media sites I am on.

Things need to change. Our world is in a position where drastic measures and decisions have to be made. Police budgets need to be cut and the monies reallocated to social programs, re-educating and training police officers to diffuse situations, combat style equipment needs to be taken away from our police members. We need to listen and learn about the realities of the lives of all people in this world. The list can go on and on.

In the meantime, we quilt and create to try to add some beauty and bright colour to our world.

My theme in life

This post was written to link with Sandra from MMM Quilts, a fellow Canadian who has been a great inspiration to me to quilt and to speak up.

I will admit that not one, but two other squirrel attacks happened! I can’t show them right now because they are part of the secret sewing going on for some upcoming blog hops. One of them is Sandra from MMM Quilts fault but that credit will be explained at a later date. 🤫

Thank you for spending some time with me, reading my post. What are you doing today to keep yourself from unravelling? Please keep well, keep safe and keep your masks on. 😄 Carol

I love Thursday’s #4

I first read an I Love Thursday post on the Home Sewn By Us Blog and that eventually led me to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Colour. Every week I enjoy checking out the list of bloggers posts on LeeAnna’s blog to see what they are sharing. I really enjoy linking up with this group and seeing what everyone else is doing and what brings some joy into their lives.

I love Zoom meetings and classes. It does make a difference being able to see faces and projects while chatting. Last weekend I had the chance to visit with some quilters and see their faces and homes/studios while we visited. It was so much fun! This weekend I took a class (it was a trial run for an instructor) and ended up with me doing a sweet quilt block until my internet crashed and I lost my connection. I’m looking forward to getting an email saying that the classes are officially going on line for purchase.

I like watching our “pet deer”. He lives on the course and is young, totally unafraid of humans or cars. It does concern me because I am afraid he might get hit by a car.

Only about 12’ feet from me. Just young and so pretty.

I really love getting phone calls from my oldest grandson. He called to share the news that he and April are going to have another baby in January. I so love all these sweet babies but think that 5 great grand babies must mean I’m getting old 🥴

And another on the way!

Our numbers here in British Columbia increased to 24 new cases and 3 new deaths. It is heartbreaking to see them starting to climb after we had managed to be flatlined for several weeks. With the numbers of confirmed Covid 19 cases increasing so quickly and so high in America, I am happy that DH and I have decided to postpone our annual trip.

That sweet man has one big fault. He is a big Grinch when it comes to Christmas. His favourite way to spend it is hiding out in the casinos in Las Vegas or Reno. It’s terrible for me. I am a definite Mrs. Santa Claus.

When I lived up north I had a sweet little park next to my store. Every December I would put over 5000 lights in the park. We lived in a town that usually had over 20’ of snow so we used to snowblower paths. We had inflatables and a wonderful machine that had different lights flickering to the beat of the music. On Light Up Night celebrating the Victorian Christmas in Barkerville we would have hot chocolate for the kids and Santa would show up with candy canes and oranges for the kids. I love my memories of that town and enjoy seeing photos now of those kids as adults.

Riding in a horse drawn sleigh in Barkerville in a Victorian outfit.

This year I am celebrating my love of the holidays by making gifts to donate tour a local food bank. Last year I did some snappy bags and covered notebooks for the kids gift room. The kids go in to the back room during the Christmas Party with a volunteer and get to pick out gifts for their parents from all of the donated items that members of our community make and donate. I am looking for suggestions for little gifts that can be made by the dozen so if you have any ideas, please leave me a comment.

Further to the Christmas theme I am making projects for my day on the Christmas in July (now and then) Blog Hop which runs from July 27 – 31 and is hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.

I am really enjoying playing with Christmas fabrics but wish the squirrels would quit visiting and leaving me nuts. I started one project, but decided to start something else and then it happened again! I like having a head start on Christmas gifts, I guess 🥴

So I will end my I Love Thursday with a photo of one of the people that fill my heart.

Poor Clarke was so tired she was nodding off after showing off her new t-shirt to announce the news of the new baby 💓

I hope you all are finding and treasuring the things/people/memories that bring you joy. You need to hold on tight in these trying times. 😊 carol

To Do Tuesday #16

My goals for last week:

1. Sew the zipper in Ruby’s chair. Done!

2. Finish the binding on the test quilt. Done!

Another finish!

3. Work on the Christmas in July Hop Project. Working on it!

4. Keep up with the Days Filled With Joy QAL. Just need to put the borders on!

5. Knit more socks. Some progress!

6. Finish the last 3 rounds on the Rag Rug. 1 round done.

7. Take my machine in for repairs again. 😢. Did not get there yet. 😢

8. Keep working on the secret sewing. 🤫. Working on it!

9. Start the commission quilt if the T-shirts arrive. No shirts yet.

……and deal with my Squirrels that are running circles around my sewing machine. Another secret 🤫

It was a good week with some finishes. That always makes me do a happy dance!

This week is one with migraines I’m sure with our weather going from sunny and nice, to electrical storms, to sunny, to pouring rain in the space of a few hours. The barometer going up and does does not agree with me. So I will be reasonable and keep the list manageable. 😏

1. Send Charlotte and Ruby their chairs.

2. Work on the Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop Project.

3. Finish the Days Filled With Joy Mystery Quilt Along Project.

4. Work on the Star Kissed Quilt Along Project.

5. Finish up the first part of the secret sewing project and start the next 3 parts.

6. Sock knitting.

7. Rag rug project.

8. Take my sewing machine in for repairs if I can arrange a time.

Nice easy week with several projects that can keep me occupied!

My Stitching Sunshine

I will be linking up with Roseanne and Sue at Home Sewn By Us for their To-Do Tuesday #47 . Do take some time to go visit their blog and see what everyone is working on. 😊 Carol

My Days Filled With Joy Mystery QAL Fun

A few days or a week or so ago Susan from Desert Sky Quilts posted about a scrappy quilt along that Joy from Days Filled With Joy was hosting.

I decided it might be fun so I got started on it after pulling out my scraps.

I quickly got caught up with steps 1 – 6.

Last night I finished Step 7. I am loving these pretty scrappy blocks and enjoying remembering so many quilts made from these bits of scrappy goodness.

Now to start on the next step.

What are you working on? Are you getting some quality time in with your machine?

Thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate your visits. 😉 Carol

A Good Day Sewing

My day started with piles of projects everywhere!

Days Filled With Joy Mystery QAL

Some secret sewing projects for the upcoming Christmas in July Blog Hop;

Binding is almost finished on pattern test quilt;

The zipper is almost done on sweet little Ruby’s bean bag chair;

I’m looking around and considering how much will get done today. 😁

I also need to prepare for an online class I’m doing tomorrow. A new to me quilter had put out a call for testers/volunteers for her first ever on line Zoom class and it is a new to me technique that I have been intrigued with. Of course I volunteered and was accepted. The class is tomorrow so I have prep work to do today. Fun times!

There definitely is truth to my belief that life is an adventure. There are always new things going on in both my life and this Quilty world we all share!

Hope your day was filled with sunshine and fabric fun!

Thanks for stopping by. 😁 Carol

I Love Thursday

This has been another week of troubling news; more trouble during a wellness check, Chief being violently abused during a traffic stop, watching the news from America. My heart is heavy with all that is going on and the increasing numbers of positive cases as our country re-opens.

It is not always easy to see the good things in life, but with seeing the wonderful posts by so many wonderful bloggers each week that stress how much each of us has to be thankful for sure helps. If you follow Leeanna’s blog Not Afraid of Color you can catch up with a wonderful group of creators for their I Like Thursdays posts.

I like Zoom meetings. I had my first one last weekend with some quilters friends that I’m getting to know from the internet. I’m finding that having this worldwide social network is one of my favourite resources to help with coping with our “new normal”.

When I hit my slump, I loved and appreciated the emails that helped me get out of the sit and do nothing stage and get back to stitching more. Have you seen the #justsewjune posts on Instagram? If you haven’t, you really should. I’ve been enjoying all of the pretty pictures of projects.

It was fun to see how creative we can think at our Guild. At our last Board Meeting we decided to keep the Guild closed until later this year. We have so many over 60 members that we don’t want to risk their health. We also determined that we are all suffering from companionship and seeing faces that we normally see 4-6 times a month. Our Guild is for all types of fibre arts so you normally see classes and workshops for crafts from spinning to knitting, basketry to natural dyeing, beading to quilting, etc. After my meeting I popped over to the Guild yard to see our socially distanced version of Worldwide Knit in Public Day.

I like living in this valley and on this golf course. I’ve been enjoying getting out for walks and short hikes. The golf course has some pretty flower beds and I like visiting with the member that volunteers to maintain the beds.

I love taking part in blog hops, challenging myself to find something that reflects the theme for the hop is always fun. I am trying to challenge myself to use new tools, try new techniques or improve my skill at a technique that I avoid. I like trying all of the traditional blocks or quilt patterns (Road to Oklahoma, Irish Chain, etc) as well as dabbling in modern quilting.

I like my latest project for the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop, hosted by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks.

My sunrise Dresden

I love starting new projects; fabrics in the stash, finding the “perfect” fabric, or even having to shop on line. The one LQS I adore in Trail is still only open for pickup and online shopping. He is having to do major renovations to get approval to open from our regulatory organizations. The other LQS that I like in New Denver is open for reduced hours and with limits on how many can be in the store. I did manage to pop in to the New Denver shop. I absolutely HAD to go shop to find the “right” background fabric for a Christmas in July Blog Hop. I realized while I was there how much it fills me with joy to touch bolts of fabric (I did put gloves on before I entered the shop) and holding a stack of them to see if they played well together. I really do have to confess to being a fabric addict. I could not believe how fulfilled I felt when I walked out of the shop with my treasured piece of fabric.

I love getting photos from my son with pictures of my granddaughters and their life on the farm

and the newest critters:

Yesterday afternoon we had a nasty storm front roll through. The lightning was all around us. The thunder was deafening. The rain was torrential. But after it rolled through the smell was incredible and when I went out for a walk our resident young doe was hunkered down in the grass under her favourite apple tree. I love watching her but don’t care for how used to people and vehicles she is. She lives on our course and is never around when I have a camera. Our volunteer gardener and the doe have a bit of a feud over who owns the flower beds. 😉. I will manage to get a photo of her one day.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Feel free to leave me a comment to share what brings you joy, what you like or love. I’d love to hear about it.

Do stop by LeeAnna’s Blog Not Afraid of Color to see what likes/loves others have to share.

😄 Carol

Final Day of Stitching Sunshine

Today is the last day of the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop which is hosted by Carla of Creatin’ in the Sticks. I’ve had so much fun hopping around and seeing all of the wonderful creations by an amazing group of quilters/designers. Have you had a chance to visit each of the posts? Did you find some projects that are now on your must do lists? I know I did 😉

So here is the last list of blogs to visit and don’t forget to stop at Creatin’ in the Sticks to enter Cara’s giveaway:

Thursday, June 25th

Kathleen McMusing

Den syende himmel

Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting

Samelia’s Mum

Seams To Be Sew

That Fabric Feeling

Creatin’ in the Sticks

I’d just like to thank Carla for allowing us to bring a bit of Sunshine to all of our lives. I, for one, really needed sunshine in all of the gloom of the past few months. It has been another amazing hop with so many creative people taking part.

The giveaway on Creatin’ in the Sticks Blog is still open so don’t forget to sign up. 😉

Did you show some love to all these bloggers who brought us some sunshine? Just leave a comment, like their posts and do follow anyone who shows you some inspiration that strikes a note in your heart.

Thank you for stopping by! 😄 Carol

Tuesday Fun

Another day of sunshine is what I thought when I got up this morning.

I managed to get laundry and housework done early so I managed some time with my fabric and my little Janome that I use for classes. My Pfaff is down again so needs to go to the hospital again.

I did get completely up to date on the Mystery that Joy at Days Filled With Joy is hosting.

Step 6 is finished

This binding is now attached to a quilt and hand sewing will commence tomorrow.

I have to confess that was all I did get done today. I started looking at patterns and reading blogs. Those rabbit holes can get very deep and twisty! 😉. More projects got added to my must do lists for a bit later this year.

What are you working on? Have you been following the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop? Thanks for visiting my blog. 😄 Carol

Wednesday June 24th List for Stitching Sunshine

Another group of incredible, inspiring quilters have worked their magic to share some inspiration with all of us.

Moose Stash Quilting

Pamela Quilts

Podunk Pretties

Homespun Hannah’s Blog

Ridge Top Quilts

Words and Stitches

Storied Quilts

Ms P Designs USA

selina quilts

Do stop by to see the incredible quilty goodness, show some love, leave a comment and do follow them if you enjoy some amazing inspiration. 😉 Carol

More Stitching Sunshine

Yesterday was the first day of the hop and I found some real inspiration. Did you have a chance to check the blogs?

Today’s list of posts to check out are:

Tuesday, June 23rd

Becky’s Adventures in Quilting and Travel

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs


Mary Mack’s Blog

Karen’s korner

Sue S – hosted at Creatin’ in the Sticks

The Joyful Quilter

For the love of geese

Stop by, read their truly inspiring posts, enjoy the eye candy, comment, like and follow their blogs if you don’t already. They are some of my favourite blogs. 😄 Carol

To Do Tuesday #15

This last week was a good one with some progress on my goals, getting caught up on some quilt alongs, my first ever Zoom Meeting with some amazing quilty friends, and started a new secret sewing project.

1. Sew the second bean bag chair. Just need to put the zipper in.

2. Work on quilting the test pattern quilt. Quilting finished; just need to hand sew the binding.

3. Christmas in July Blog Hop project. Fabric gathered, pattern is picked out and cutting has commenced.

4. Keep knitting socks. Second pair is on the needles. Some Progress.

5. Try to finish my rag rug.

6. Check my stash for fabrics for a commission or start shopping on line if I don’t have enough. 😉 Fabrics pulled. Just waiting for the t-shirts to be delivered.

This weeks goals are:

1. Sew the zipper in Ruby’s chair.

2. Finish the binding on the test quilt.

3. Work on the Christmas in July Hop Project.

4. Keep up with the Days Filled With Joy QAL.

5. Knit more socks.

6. Finish the last 3 rounds on the Rag Rug.

7. Take my machine in for repairs again. 😢

8. Keep working on the secret sewing. 🤫

9. Start the commission quilt if the T-shirts arrive.

……and deal with my Squirrels that are running circles around my sewing machine.

Hope your week is full of fun, quilty projects. Thanks for visiting. 😉 Carol

Linking with some truly inspiring friends, Roseanne and Sue who blog at Home Sewn By Us on their To Do Tuesday Linky Party.

June Stash and Time Reports

Kate Life in Pieces

Previous: 108/152

June – 24/30 days

Goal met: 132/182

Total days goal met: 132/182

Stash report:

  • Previous balance: 167.55
  • Fabric in last month: 10 yards
  • Fabric out last month: 7
  • Balance in stash: 170.55

* any fabric used from the scrap bins; doesn’t count as stash.

Some sewing happened this month: 2 quilts finishes, projects for upcoming Blog hops, 2 bean bag chairs for granddaughters and some fun QALs. Hope you all had a good month sewing and fondling fabric. 😉 Carol

Linking with: Life in Pieces

June Block Report

Can you believe we are one half of the way through this crazy year?

My block count is reflecting the emotional impact this year is having on me.

My blocks so far this year have been:

January 196 Blocks

February 66 Blocks

March 43 Blocks

April 173.5 Blocks

May 42 Blocks

June 42 Blocks

Previous Total: 520.5

Stitching Sunshine 1

Days Full of Joy QAL 12 Blocks

Christmas in July (now and then) Bog Hop Project 22 blocks

Stained Glass Heart and Rose 1 Block

Garden Party Blog Hop 6 Blocks

June Total: 42 Blocks

YTD Total: 562.5

This has been a month of finishes rather than starts. 2 more quilts off the To Be Quilted pile and blocks finished for blog hop projects.

Linking with Prairie Moon Quilts

Some Bright Sunshiny Fun

A huge thank you to Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks for hosting the perfect hop to provide us all with some much needed sunshine.

I’m sharing my day with a great bunch of bloggers, all of whom I have been following and admiring forever it seems.

Monday, June 22nd

Just Let Me Quilt

Vroomans Quilts

Quilt Schmilt. You are here 😉

Life in the Scrapatch

Karrin Crazy World

Just Because Quilts

Quilting Gail

This has been a year for me of challenging myself to use techniques that I have not done much of, templates and tools I have purchased but not yet used. I do like modern quilts, but am on a dedicated mission to try using traditional patterns that I have not yet tried. Occasionally I start with a traditional pattern or idea, but somehow things get tweaked. 🤔

So it was with this project. I had thought to do a Dresden Fan Quilt since I had a template for it.

Out came my yellow and orange scraps to start playing.

It was fun cutting and piecing the fan blades in both 7 1/2” and 5 1/2” lengths.

Then I veered from my original plan as I sorted out the various colours into a visually happy array and cut a semicircle for the heart of my sun.

It is coming along as I pictured it. I wanted bright vibrant fabrics; determined that this is going to be a bright happy piece.

I pin basted the attached fans on to my background which is a vibrant sky fabric with bits of clouds floating around.

Sunrises are one of my favourite things to see; a perfect start to the day.

I layered the piece with some batting and did some straight line quilting with a beautiful variegated yellow Aurifil thread to stabilize the block before adding it to the other blocks that will be used in another blog hop later this year.

My intention was to make a bright sunshiny piece to reflect how hard we are trying to see some sunlight in the crazy, dark year we have been having; Covid 19 shutdowns, financial uncertainty, riots, police brutality, pandemic sufferers numbers increasing, racial discrimination ……. the list goes on. So many people are trying so hard to learn and listen, so many stories of good deeds done and people standing up for others. There is hope and those rays of sunshine are coming through the clouds. All we can do is keep on trying.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, make a comment and follow my blog if you’ve enjoyed what you read. 😉 Carol

Linking with For The Love of Geese Put Your Foot Down #57

To Do Tuesday #14

I confess to having been missing in action for the past couple of weeks (or a month if I’m really honest). Not paying attention to my goal lists or writing new ones. This week is a new page and in spite of the world news and increasing numbers of Covid19 cases I am going to get it together. Thanks to some on line quilters cheering me on I am back to sewing at least 15 minutes (or better yet my goal of 30 minutes) a day every day this month so far, except one.

1. Sew the second bean bag chair.

2. Work on quilting the test pattern quilt.

3. Christmas in July Blog Hop project.

4. Keep knitting socks. Second pair is on the needles.

5. Try to finish my rag rug.

6. Check my stash for fabrics for a commission or start shopping on line if I don’t have enough. 😉

Have a great week and good luck with your goals 😉 Carol

Linking with Sue and Rosanne at Home Sewn By Us. Stop by to see what everyone else is working on.

June OMG Finishes

1. Finish my Spring Into Summer quilt. Quilted and binding is on. Finished

2. Finish my project for the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop and write my post. Done!

3. Sew the two bean bag chairs that are cut out that my son asked me to make for his two daughters. 😉

Liner is inside the outside chair bag.

4. Start another quilt from the To Be Quilted pile. Last binding stitches going on as I’m writing 😁

5. Reorganize my sewing space to find room for my new Accuquilt dies. Done!

6. Keep working on my leader ender project Star Kissed Quilt Along by Wedding Dress Blue. Some Progress!

7. More socks to be knit. Second pair is on the needles. Some Progress!

8. Finish my rag rug. A few more rows done.

All in all I am content with my month’s progress 😉 Carol

Linking with Elm Street Quilts OMG June Finishes

Do stop in to see the other incredible finishes this month.

Linking with Meadow Mist Designs My Favourite Finish

Ready for Some Fun Hopping Around?

Carla from Creatin’ in the Sticks put the word out that she would be hosting another blog hop and the word spread quickly! We all know how much fun these hops are so the roster filled up rapidly. Can you see the amazing list of participants? Are you as excited as I am to see what everyone has been working on for our entertainment and enjoyment?

Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop Schedule

Monday, June 22nd

Just Let Me Quilt

Vroomans Quilts

Quilt Schmilt

Life in the Scrapatch

Karrin Crazy World

Just Because Quilts

Quilting Gail

Tuesday, June 23rd

Becky’s Adventures in Quilting and Travel

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

Mary Mack’s Blog

karen’s korner

Sue S. hosted at Creatin In The Sticks

The Joyful Quilter

For The Love of Geese

Wednesday, June 24th

Moose Stash Quilting

Pamela Quilts

Podunk Pretties

Homespun Hannah’s Blog

Ridge Top Quilts

Words and Stitches

Storied Quilts

Ms P Designs USA

Selina Quilts

Thursday, June 25th

Kathleen McMusing

Den Syende Himmel

Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting

Samelia’s Mum

Hill Valley Quilter

Seams to be Sew

That Fabric Feeling

Creatin’ in the Sticks

Only one more week! 😄

So get ready for some quilty eye candy. Remember that we all enjoy your comments and would love to hear from you. I hope you will find some new bloggers to follow.


Saturday Goings On

This morning Saw a cloudy overcast sky so I thought it would be a good day to sew.

Little did I know the clouds cleared off about 9:00 and DH decided to go whack a few balls. That meant I could move things around and get my sewing space in order.

I moved my sewing supplies, organized my Accuquilt dies and sorted my fabric bins. That meant I had to get my cutter out and work on my little pile of scraps getting them cut and into their boxes.

Then DH came in and it was time to get on with my next project. I gave myself a haircut since our shops are not yet open.

Not the best but at least it’s out of my eyes!

Then this evening I sewed my binding to the front of my quilt. Tomorrow will be handsewing it on.

I didn’t watch any news today since I was busy. Then this evening DH and I watched an old movie “The Blues Brothers”. It had been quite a while since I saw it, but it still made me laugh in so many places.

All in all I had a good day and feel like I accomplished something. I do hope you had a wonderful day and had some fun fondling fabric.

Thanks for reading my post. 😁 Carol

Friday Fun

I do think I’m getting my sewjo back!

A big part of it was going to the post office today and finding this:

One day I had been reading a blog post on Mary Mack’s Blog and saw that she had a giveaway for some scraps of Island Batiks fabric. Of course I commented because she had a beautiful quilt finish she shared and I won!

Here’s a photo of my goodies:

Yes, I confess to fondling them! 😊

While Maryellen and I had been chatting via email back and forth we shared our thoughts on the Covid shutdown and the effects of the police violence on all or our lives. I told her I hadn’t been able to do any quilting for a while. She encouraged me to get back to the machine for even just 15 minutes and suggested to post my results on Instagram using the #justsewjune hashtag.

I sat doing the quilting on Spring Into Summer while looking at those yummy batiks thinking of the changes I want to make to the pattern I designed for the batiks I have been saving and collecting.

Next thing I knew, I had finished the quilting!

I wanted it to be a soft cuddly quilt so I did a lot of ditch stitching, a bit of straight line quilting, some swirling wishbones in the skinny magenta border and a FMQ flower in the outside border. This quilt has Hobbs 80/20 batting and I can’t remember if I used 2 or 3 green Aurifil threads, but I know I used 2 purple Aurifil and a reddish magenta shade in the quilting. I buried my threads as I went. Then I tried using a heavier variegated thread on one part of the design. It just didn’t pop as I had hoped, but I’m content.

Tomorrow I’ll get it squared up and the binding on. Might even get some decent pictures if the weather cooperates!

What have you been working on/ playing with today?

Thanks for stopping by 😉 Carol

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