Project Quilting 11.6

I had bought a wedge ruler a while back and the new challenge had me thinking of how to use it in this project. I knew I wanted to use solids and create a project that reflected the way we are feeling these days. Loving our family and friends, feeling a bit scattered and concerned, wondering when this is going to end!

With all that is going on in the world I was thinking of the random acts of kindness we are seeing; people helping people, as well as the hoarding. I choose to believe in the best of people and that we really are vibrant and loving. We can be vivacious while being responsible and social distancing.

I had to pick up some necessary prescription in town and saw a sweet box of tea to gift a dear friend who is shut in due to underlying health issues. Since DH and I both are in the compromised group we are thinking of friends who are as well. The tea is being dropped off on our friend’s doorknob when I go out for my walk this afternoon.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed seeing my topper. Have you had a chance to view some of the incredible creations that have been done for this challenge? I’m heading over to hop around now.

Keep well and wash your hands lots. 😷 Carol

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Project Quilting 11.6 Vbrant and Vivacious


    • The wedge ruler scared me, but this time of being shut in is a time to challenge myself, try new things, get better at things I’m not good at (paper piecing and appliqué) and clear up some UFO’s. My sweet neighbour is enjoying a cup of “liquid hugs” as I’m writing this! Thank you for your sweet comment 😊 Carol


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